Friday, October 21, 2005

It's a good time to be a liberal...

Tom Delay looks downright giddy in his mugshot. Smiling and happy with not a care in the world. That’s not right. I wanted to see a cross between Nick Nolte and Noelle Bush. Someone really needed to muss up his hair just a bit. Smear his make-up. Maybe they’re saving that for his cellmate. Let’s call it institutional foreplay creating a whole new meaning (not to mention disturbing images for you visual thinkers) to his oft toted catch-phrase “bringing down the hammer”. I figure it'd be turnabout as fair play. He's been screwing us for years.

With the wheels coming off the Whitehouse wagon I have to wonder where are the Democrats? Sure it’s fun to watch the republicans turn on each other and eat their own. Ann Coulter getting flack from the religious right. Conservative fighting conservative over the rampant cronyism epitomized by the appointment of Harriet Miers. But without an effective voice of dissent and a vision for a better tomorrow all we have is the spectacle which will fade at the whim of the media spotlight or metamorph under the able manipulation of the political spin machine.

It is very telling that the most effective voices of opposition have come not from any elected official but from among the people themselves. Cindy Sheehan. Bloggers. Veterans speaking out against the war. Grassroot organizations taking the dissatisfaction and disgust which has finally moved from simmer to full boil and given that anger voice.

I don’t know if a progressive politician (if such an animal can ever actually exist) will rise to follow our lead. I hope so. I hope the democrats will stop stumbling and fumbling and sitting on the sidelines and decide to actually get into the game.

I know it's tempting to sit back and watch. It's nice to have something to smile about again on the political side of life. It's a good time to be a liberal.

But there’s too much at stake for us to be satisfied with the spectacle.

Just my rambling 2 cents (Canadian)


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