Monday, September 05, 2005

On another note

Just spent $40 putting half a tank of gas in the MomStar.* A few gas stations are out of gas entirely. Even more are just out of regular grade.

I keep waiting for announcements of rationing or calls for smarter use of resources until things normalize again. Then I remember that I'm living in George Bush's America where we damn the consequences and live as high on the hog as we want because, dammit, this is AMERICA! If we start conserving, the terrorists win!


*The MomStar is a 2001 Ford Windstar I purchased a few years back when I realized that in order to properly care for a smallish infant, I needed to be prepared for the invasion of a small nation. I'm looking forward to replacing the MomStar with something more economical and, well, sporty, when I can actually afford to consider a car payment again - probably when the smallish infant is out of college in 2022.

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